Want to learn more about Historic Thornhill? Join MPP Laura Smith for a #ThornhillMinute to learn interesting heritage facts and fun historical tidbits!

Did you know that Canada is the proud home to the fourth largest Irish diaspora in the world?

In the early 19th century, approximately half a million Irish people settled in our country. Some found a new home in Thornhill, including Ann Preston, also known as Holy Ann

Founded in 1924, the Ladies Golf Club of Toronto is North America’s only remaining private golf club established by women for women.

Celebrating the birthday of NBA star Andrew Wiggins.

Andrew was raised in Thornhill and was an alumnus of Vaughan Secondary School!

Did you know that almost 70 years ago, Thornhill got its very first High School.

Prior to its opening, students would have to commute all the way to Richmond Hill for their High School education. 

The Village Library at 10 Colborne St. was built in 1851. It has been a grocery store and veterinary office; at one time the rear was a stable, with horses for hire. 

The library plays an important role in the community and also houses a ghost or two!