Queens Park Member Statement: Thornhill African Caribbean Canadian Association (TACCA)

As we complete Black History Month, I would like the shine a light on a special person and organization.  

Today in the house, I am happy to welcome the President of the Thornhill African Caribbean Canadian Association, Mr. Vernon Hendrickson. 

Vernon, a long-time member of Thornhill is the founding member of The Thornhill African Caribbean Canadian Association, also known as TACCA – a not-for-profit multicultural organization which consists of members from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities from Canada and all over the Caribbean.  

In operation since 2005 they offer support, programs, and scholarships to our extended community. 

One of the highlights of their meaningful work includes the talented and mellifluous and melodic sounds of the TACCA steel drum band 

When I asked Vernon about his inspiration in forming the TACCA community – he talked about a little boy who fundraised for his school that was in need of improvements – and the boy rode from building to building on behalf of his school – collecting from the business people of Nevis – riding on his bike – going door to door to make difference  

That little boy later travelled to Canada from St. Kitts Nevis -worked and studied -and then went on to give back to his community by forming Tacca  

And in  2002 the little boy, now an adult was awarded the Queens Jubilee Medal for his meaningful and significant contributions. 

Mr. Speaker, I do not think I need to tell you that the little boy on the bicycle is Vernon.  

I do not believe that Vernon’s attitude or work ethic has changed since that little boy jumped on his bike to help his community. 

I hope everyone in the house celebrates this last day of Black History Month to the fullest and I encourage all of us all to continue to appreciate the positive impacts Black Canadians have made for our economy, society and within our government- not just this month, but every month.