Queen’s Park Member Statement: Kayla’s Children Centre

Last month I had the honour of being a part of 25th anniversary, Ride for Kayla’s in support of Kayla’s Children Centre.  

Kayla’s or KCC, has deep roots in Thornhill. Known as, “a place where children of all abilities can shine,” – Kayla’s mission is to deliver innovative educational, therapeutic, and recreational programs for children and youth with disabilities and complex medical needs  

This year’s bike ride involved over 200 cyclists who came out to show their support for KCC’s specialized programs, programs that enable children to flourish academically, socially, and emotionally, including: 

A licensed day care and school, an on-site therapy centre; adapted sports, and life skills programs for teens  

KCC also offers supports and respite for parents, siblings, and grandparents – giving them the much needed time to run errands or spend with their other children  

One of the organization’s most recent and substantial accomplishments was the opening of a state-of-the-art hydrotherapy centre.   

In the warm waters, children with mobility challenges can be independent, flexible, and free 

One of the long-standing supporters of the ride for Kayla is Hershy Weinberg, who rides under the team name of “Zaidey Hershy” - Hershy’s dedication and support, along with so many other organizers, including the staff and instructors, have helped build KCC as a state of the art facility  

I want to thank the KCC staff for their dedication to the success of every child, providing childhood experiences that otherwise would not exist. 

In Thornhill, we  support our not for profits because they support us – and I am truly looking forward to next year’s ride!  

Thank you