Member Statement: Education and Sharing Day

Member Statement  

  • On April 2nd, we celebrate Education and Sharing Day to honor the work and teachings of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson.  
  • Established in 1978, it pays tribute to his endless commitment for better education for the children of North America.  
  • The seventh leader in the Chabad-Lubavitch dynasty, Rabbi Schneerson was born in Ukraine in 1902 and moved to New York, to escape the Holocaust. 
  • If the Holocaust showed the world the evil of which human beings are capable, the Rebbe reminds us of the good of which we are capable.  
  • He was devoted to teaching the infinite value of every human life and the practice of loving your neighbor. 
  • The Rebbe inspired millions not only with his wise words, but also with his actions.  
  • He created a global network of Chabad emissaries in over 100 countries, offering social service programs and humanitarian aid around the world. 
  • A tireless advocate for youth, he promoted education as a cornerstone of humanity.  
  • In an era where a woman’s education was not valued the same as a man’s, the Rebbe staunchly created more educational opportunities for girls.  
  • He was even known to write, “There must be a girl!” on educational materials that depicted only boys. 
  • April 2nd will mark the Rebbe’s 121st birthday.  
  • In Hebrew, we say “Ad Meah Veh Essreem” (Ad Mayeh Veh Essreem) which means “until 120.”  
  • The Rebbe may not have reached 120, but his legacy goes beyond that.